The 5G Revolution and What It Means for OTT and Gaming Brands

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Video streaming and Gaming offer some of the most compelling use cases for 5G-enabled experiences in the consumer segment besides virtual reality and the Metaverse. In our latest whitepaper, we deep-dive into the 5G revolution underway and what it means for OTT and gaming brands


Even though the 5G rollouts have been slower than anticipated, we are now at the cusp of real transformative change in the digital lives of consumers thanks to lightning-fast networks and lower latency. Higher resolutions and real-time life-like rendering of say live sports or massive multiplayer online (MMO) gaming experiences will drive a further surge in the demand for cloud gaming and streaming.

Mobile carriers recognize the need to recoup investments in 5G infrastructure and spectrum with new revenue streams. Just why most carriers are keen to forge partnerships with content brands their consumers love.


OTT and gaming brands can leverage a carrier’s brand equity, market presence and captive audience with payment and subscription bundling partnerships. Mobile carriers may even be forthcoming to co-invest in marketing of new content services powered by 5G networks, thereby creating a win-win proposition.

In our whitepaper, we’re taking a deeper dive into the state of 5G from the perspective of OTT and Gaming brands. Some highlights such as:

  • How 5G will affect the subscription economy
  • How it will drive innovation in immersive experiences in video and games
  • How the cloud gaming market will grow rapidly
  • How service bundling helps overcome consumers’ subscription fatigue  
  • How payment and subscription bundling amplify the gains for OTT and gaming brands

Download the whitepaper to gain meaningful insights into the 5G revolution. The future of content is not just mobile, it’s highly connected, bundled, cross-platform, and cloud-based – and payments hold the key to doing it at scale.

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