How to boost your revenues with direct carrier billing

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Customer payment habits are changing, especially in some local markets and because of the pandemic. Payment method popularity obviously directly correlates with revenue growth for digital merchants offering them to customers across markets. In our latest guide, we’re looking at the benefits of direct carrier billing specifically and ways in which it can be used to boost digital service revenue.


Digital wallets and direct carrier billing are now the payment methods of choice among global e-commerce consumers, accounting for 44.5% of the e-commerce transaction volume in 2020, and growing. For digital merchants, offering the payment methods people want to use is a way to increase loyalty and decrease abandoned orders – and, consequently, increase revenues in general. Especially if you consider the fact that mobile adoption is growing even in markets with large unbanked and underbanked populations – customers you can’t reach otherwise.


Direct carrier billing is an especially beneficial method for many reasons, one being partnering up with mobile carriers who have an established audience of loyal subscribers, who you can reach with your digital service. We’re diving into this more in our guide, showing you ways to leverage DCB and telco partnerships to steadily grow your service and reach new markets, app store revenues and user experience.

Download it to learn more about:

  • Why DCB is not just a payment method, but an acquisition channel for digital services

  • How it provides a better user experience than, for example, credit cards – and what this means for conversion and dropout rates

  • How you can work with telcos using DCB to increase not only customer acquisition rates, but also customer loyalty – and lifetime value.


The PDF also explains how to find the right payments partner to start using DCB for your digital service.

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How to boost your revenues with Direct Carrier Billing guide

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