Alternative payments landscape globally in 2020

The essential guide for e-commerce businesses

The evolution of e-commerce has revolutionised business forever. Now, just about anyone can set up a business, tapping into a potential audience of billions of people from just about anywhere in the world.

But as online businesses multiply, so too do the challenges presented by providing customers with familiar payment solutions. This is perhaps most evident when businesses scale into emerging ‘unbanked’ economies with complex regulations and a dizzying number of payment options. BI Intelligence forecasts significant growth in mobile payments made at the POS. They expect mobile POS payments to increase at a 40% five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to hit $128 billion in 2021 from $24 billion in 2016. P2P payments and mobile banking apps were cited as catalysts for moving in a cashless direction. Digital imaging is being deployed at scale to make new payment options such as mobile wallets secure.

This guide –shines the spotlight on payment infrastructure in India, Vietnam, and Indonesia and provides the essential information businesses need as they consider scaling into these lands of opportunity.

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