NTT DOCOMO DCB business in Japan

with Keisuke Yoshizawa, Executive General Manager – NTT DOCOMO Global Business Division


As the leading telecommunications company in Japan, NTT DOCOMO provides a wide range of cutting-edge mobile multimedia services and serves over 79 million customers. The company has wholly owned subsidiaries in Europe and North and South America, and is expanding its global reach through collaborations with diverse partners in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North and South America.

NTT DOCOMO pursues a process of constant innovation. Beyond its core communications services, the company is challenging new frontiers to provide a wider range of services for its customers. It has expanded into launching commercial 5G services, growing its enterprise solutions segment, building out its Smart Life suite of businesses and enhancing its finance and payments offerings.

"We've developed a multi-pronged strategy with three pillars.

Firstly, there's our Smart Life portfolio, including finance and payment services. The second pillar is our enterprise solutions business segment, and the third is our cutting-edge 5G network.

Finance and payment services is one of our fastest growing business segments. This can be attributed to our extensive credit card service membership base. Our credit card membership has exceeded 20 million, out of which over 6 million are gold card members. We've built up a loyal customer base, and to leverage that, we’ve expanded on the payment methods we offer—from credit cards to a smartphone payment service, d Payment.

Moving forward, we plan to further the growth of our finance and payment business segment. One of our objectives is to expand our ecosystem of payment platforms, through increasing the number of locations where our iD, d Point and d Payment services can be used, as well as the total volume of finance and payment transactions we handle.

We've also launched the DOCOMO AI insurance, lending and investment services, and have plans for introducing new fintech services in the pipeline.We strive for continual innovation. There are many aspects in which NTT DOCOMO can learn from DOCOMO Digital, and we can draw from each other's expertise. Together, NTT DOCOMO and DOCOMO Digital can offer class-leading innovation in payments to our telco and merchant partners”


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