Adopting Best Practices From the Leaders in Direct Carrier Billing, Our Parent – NTT DOCOMO

with Jonathan Kriegel, CEO, DOCOMO Digital


DOCOMO Digital

DOCOMO Digital is an innovative payment solution provider and the European-based operation of NTT DOCOMO, Japan's largest mobile operator. The company is headquartered in London, with teams based in over 25 cities worldwide. 
We partner with carriers, merchants, app stores, OTT services and payment providers globally. Our Payments portfolio solves the challenges of scale, customer acquisition, regulation, and complexity for our partners. With teams based across fifteen offices, we enable telecom carriers to grow their digital revenues while improving customer loyalty and lifetime value. For digital brands, our platform and carrier bundling services catalyse acquisition of new subscribers, especially in emerging markets. And Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) like carrier billing and e-wallets offer global merchants’ access to their consumers, with our simple API and international payments’ settlement facilities. 

Continuous Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment

As the leading telecommunication company in Japan, NTT DOCOMO has built a culture that embraces innovation and change. Beyond its core communications services, the company has made its foray into diverse segments, including commercial 5G services, enterprise solutions,  finance and payments. Smart Life – the NTT DOCOMO fintech business continues to be a growth driver. 

Breaking New Ground in Mobile Payments

The high rates of mobile internet usage in Japan, coupled with a growing trend in cashless payments makes the country a strong market for carrier billing. Through introducing QR code payments, NTT DOCOMO extended the scope of direct carrier billing (DCB) and led the way in the adoption of DCB beyond digital platforms into physical retail.  

The QR code payment feature was made available on the “d Barai”mobile payment service. Using the smartphone app, consumers were able to complete payments at retail outlets, restaurants and other physical establishments.

"Our parent company, NTT DOCOMO is truly the global leader in direct carrier billing.

When you look at the penetration of direct carrier billing in their customer base, as well as the amount that their customers spend using this payment method, it is apparent that they have outperformed industry expectations. They've set the benchmark, and established best practices for us to follow. 

They have achieved this because they made significant investments, and were constantly at the forefront of innovation. As a result, whenever they hit a growth plateau, they are able to break new ground and uncover solutions to move beyond the plateau. 

The best example to illustrate this is how NTT DOCOMO merged the online and offline approach—through using QR codes to enable direct carrier billing in retail stores. This has enabled consumers to use the payment method for a wide range of in-store transactions, such as buying a coffee or making purchases at a convenience store. 

They have effectively taken direct carrier billing away from traditional digital transactions, and brought it into the physical retail space."


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