Public Acquisition Offer

Publication of the offer document about the public acquisition offer of
DOCOMO Digital GmbH to shareholders of net mobile AG.

Öffentliches Erwerbsangebot

Veröffentlichung des Angebotsdokuments für das öffentliche Erwerbsangebot der
DOCOMO Digital GmbH an die Aktionäre der net mobile AG.

Enabling Connected Life

We launched DOCOMO Digital as a new brand aimed at working with enterprise partners, customers and regulators to clearly address a growing need for innovative, forward-looking infrastructure and services underpinning the rapidly expanding mobile digital economy and ecosystem.

Focusing on mobile payment solutions and services as a foundation layer, we are building a global network that is enabling mobile commerce for both digital and real world products and services around the world.

We partner with mobile network operators, payment networks and regulators to offer to digital and non-digital merchants safe, reliable and convenient payment and financing options to their consumers, and to offer robust marketing solutions to attract and convert their target customers.

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Who we are

DOCOMO Digital is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO based in Europe. Besides innovating and bringing to market our own mobile payment solutions globally, we also manage a set of leading mobile entertainment and payment businesses with a combined experience of 20+ years.


Based in Europe, we are nearly 1,000 professionals in 35 cities globally across 6 regions, partnering with over 200 mobile network operators processing over 2bn Euros worth of transactions per year.


What we think

At DOCOMO Digital, we believe that today and tomorrow’s connected devices will continue to revolutionize how we live. As mobile technology continues to permeate our lives, we are experiencing increased empowerment, convenience and freedom. But omnipresent connected technology brings with it risks and challenges in particular relating to safety, security, privacy and inclusion. As a mobile and connected technology pioneer and ecosystem enabler, we think that mobile network operators stand to play the key central role in building and operating next-generation commerce platforms that will make life better for everyone.


Digital Connected Technology Everywhere In Our Lives

What we do

We are working hard with our global partners to ensure that we build together an ecosystem that meets the promises for a better connected life while also addressing potential challenges. In fact, we believe that direct carrier billing (DCB), the ability for customers to pay for goods and services using their existing mobile carrier pre-paid or post-paid account, is key to mobile-centricity as it offers significant advantages over other new or established mobile payment methods (e.g., frictionless consumer convenience increase purchasing conversions, reduced credit and fraud risk, global reach and inclusion to unbanked populations).


How we work with our ecosystem participants

Global adult population non-cash payment method split

Direct Carrier Billing

As a direct carrier billing (DCB) technical integrator and service provider, our platform solutions span the entire spectrum of payment methods from SMS to in-app purchasing. Our DCB product currently supports complex requirements from the most demanding digital service providers and real world merchants. Currently, we have integrated over 200 mobile operators in 100 countries where we are continuously upgrading these connections and adding new ones. We can offer merchants the broadest operator reach over our advanced proprietary network.
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Mobile Commerce Enabler

We are rapidly innovating and delivering to the market unique mobile payments enabling solutions for MNOs which go much further than carrier billing aggregation and integration. For instance, our mCommerce Enabler Platform is a single global solution giving MNOs new capabilities and features such as consumer care telco agent module, end user self customer care tool, customized UX per merchant, pricing and promotion automatic management tool per product/merchant, etc...
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Merchants Payments Enabler

Our eCommerce payments enabler, Loviit, is a provider of payment methods for online shops offering a wide range of payment options, e.g. credit/debit card, PayPal, pay on invoice and direct carrier billing. Leveraging its next-generation credit risk and fraud detection engine, Loviit assumes all payment default for our merchants. And cross-EU commerce is made easy with Loviit’s region-wide emoney license. In addition, qualified merchants can apply for Loviit’s cashflow management solutions. Integration with existing point-of-sale systems is easy and convenient.
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Our Payment Solutions Dividend

DOCOMO Digital delivers clear commercial and strategic benefits to both our Mobile Network Operator partners and to our Service Provider and Merchant customers. We are focused on delivering reach, scale and conversion to drive sales for our customers and partners. Through NTT DOCOMO, we have a long history and track record of pioneering and delivering more sales effectively and safely, with high regulatory compliance, through our e/ and mCommerce platforms in Japan. We are extending our trusted and tested know-how and relationships to MNOs and merchants globally.

Digital Services Providers

For digital service providers, DOCOMO Digital offers a full range of carrier billing payment flows from WAP and SMS to single click and in-app methods. We partner with 200+ mobile network operators around the world, working with them to ensure that they meet stringent technical and regulatory requirements imposed by major service providers and regulators. We are rapidly innovating our DCB platform and network adding next-generation features to allow for new and exciting business models. In fact, we are the largest provider of DCB integration for Google Play and other leading App Stores with over 30 major mobile operators connections globally and expanding rapidly. Digital service providers across all verticals (media and publishing, entertainment, communication, gaming, social, apps of all kinds) rely on us to help them achieve global reach quickly, reliably and safely through our superior technical capabilities and regulatory compliance.
>> Learn more about DCB for digital service providers

Real World Merchants

For real world merchants, we are pioneering new DCB payment flows and additional features opening up unique possibilities to safely increase end-user conversions for purchases of ticketing and non-digital goods and services. For instance, merchants and service providers that rely on ticketing see a significant increase in end-user conversions for mobile app purchases using carrier billing. Through our advanced credit risk and fraud detection modules, we provide our merchants with complete peace of mind. We work with local and regional regulators to ensure approval and compliance. We also provide services to merchants to help them manage their cash flow from carrier billing.
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Our DCB Offering

Single Tap Payment

Additional Features

Product Evolution

Selected Operator Partners

Google Carrier Billing

DOCOMO Digital is the leading global integrator for Google Play and continues to deploy Google Carrier Billing around the world by helping our mobile operator partners upgrade their billing and payment capabilities where required

Carrier Billing for Ticketing


DOCOMO Digital Direct Carrier Billing innovation is transforming the transportation sector

Building from our heritage in mobile payments and carrier billing, we have innovated and added advanced functionalities to our platform. Modules include consumer care telco agent module, end user self customer care tool, customized UX per merchant, pricing and promotion automatic management tool per product/merchant, etc... and together comprise our mCommerce Enabler platform. Extending existing capabilities and adding new ones, our platform enables MNOs to offer to digital service providers and real world merchants a complete end-to-end mobile commerce environment including merchant shop and service customization; multichannel digital marketing and customer acquisition campaigns; call to action and conversion optimization; multi-payment method checkout; customer care agent handling; advanced analytics and reporting. In fact, among other MNOs our platform underpins Telefonica Spain’s Pago Movistar marketplace and powers Bouygues’ marketplace in France. Our mCommerce Enabler platform strategically puts MNOs back in the center of the mobile commerce ecosystem.

mCommerce Enabler


Loviit is a one stop-partner to manage the whole payment chain for local and cross-boarder e- and m-commerce. Clients can choose from customized or predefined solutions starting from payment processing of more than 180 different payment options worldwide incl. financing for customers, weekly guaranteed payouts to optimize cash flow management, invoicing and VAT management to start cross-boarder commerce in a quick and safe way and white label e-money solution to enable new businesses. Loviit’s payment platform empowers all services for the entire process chain from one source, or each service can be activated individually with a few clicks. Loviit is a multi-channel solution to offer customers a seamless shopping experience online, mobile, in-store and on-the-road to increase conversion for the merchants.

With the global footprint, the newest technology for easy and convenient integration, seamless multi device customer journey, the next-generation credit risk and fraud detection engine and the excellent service of local teams, Loviit is known as trusted brand for merchants and customers.


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