Monetize mobile apps with carrier billing data

Smarthub is a marketplace that lets app developers market their apps to a well-defined group of users with paying history. We leverage intelligence from mobile carrier billing data of in-app payments to find the best audiences for app advertising. Getting you more engaged users, more revenue, and lower user acquisition costs.

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Why use the Audience Smarthub for your mobile app?

Reach the right people

Get ready-to-use audiences on the largest ad networks like Facebook and Google or create lookalike audiences and increase your reach to high-value app-store spenders

Get more paid in-app conversions

Use audience insights to narrow down your ad targeting, based on their spend patterns

Save ad money

You pay 3 to 9 times less in ad spend for acquiring in-app paying users than with conventional targeting

Stay GDPR compliant

There’s no data selling involved. Your audience is activated on an ad network, with encrypted data and user consent provided by the mobile carrier, and at an anonymized MSISDN level spliced by audience filters

Helping app developers grow

Driving large volumes of traffic from ads is great. But it’s the conversion that matters. Stop spending your ad budget on users that are never going to pay when using your app. Instead, advertise to your key demographic segment narrowed down to those who have paid before. And reduce your paying user acquisition by 3 to 9 times.

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Diversifying mobile carrier revenue

MNOs can think beyond just billing. You have the data to help app developers reach people who are most likely to pay for their services and products. Use it as a valuable asset you can monetize, creating a new revenue stream. And get a share of the mobile app marketing spending, all with maximum data security and GDPR compliance.

The mobile app market is a crowded space


The competition is massive: 6000 new apps are uploaded to app stores every day.


Game developers are investing more than 70% of their marketing spend on Facebook.


Only 12% of their user base are paying users.


Paying users generate 30% of app revenue.

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Get ahead by advertising to users who are more likely to pay

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