Telco Bundling

With one simple connection, we can help digital brands and telcos create bundles to drive conversions, while driving loyalty, engagement and customer lifetime value. 

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Custom Bundling

The subscription for a digital service is added to the mobile plan. Pre-configured turnkey bundle packages that can be effortlessly rolled out to your pre- and postpaid subscriber base

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Hard bundling

Subscribers are offered a free trial to a digital service for a period of time, as long as they remain subscribed to a telco plan. After the trial period, they are converted into paid subscribers of the digital service, with the subscription fees being paid through their monthly mobile bill.

Soft bundling

With the soft bundle model, digital services are offered as an add-on option that can be paid with direct carrier billing. Subscribers may also be offered promotions, such as an extended free trial or discount to the digital service.

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Partnerships with leading merchants worldwide

We offer pre-configured bundles with the likes of Amazon in music and video streaming and beyond, to let you grow digital consumption and reduce churn with targeted bundling offers for multiple segments.

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Telco Bundling Benefits

For Digital Brands

For Telcos

Drive new sign-ups

Drive new sign-ups with telcos as real channel partners

Launch co-marketing campaigns

Launch limited-period offers and co-marketing campaigns with telcos

Grow revenues

Grow share of digital services revenues beyond traditional voice and data revenues

Adapt to consumer needs

Adapt to evolving consumer needs as consumers seek compelling content, personalization, flexibility. Increasingly, they value new services—such as video streaming and mobile services—over traditional value-added services

Growth of digital OTT streaming


share of music and video in overall mobile data

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monthly mobile data consumption in 2019 (in Exabytes)

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OTT market by 2025, growing at 18% CAGR

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See how we enabled large North American telco to grow faster with targetted Amazon bundles

Carriers can drive increased consumption within AppStores with limited-period bundles and cash-back offers. These promotions let subscribers experience the services without upfront commitments.

"We have seen great value in bringing Amazon Prime bundle to various tiers of both our post and prepaid subscribers in partnership with DOCOMO Digital. The bundling has allowed us to drive loyalty and engagement while reducing customer churn, specially in the prepaid segment."

Large Telco, North America, Head of OTT Partnerships

Faster Integrations

Lean on our experience in Bundling

Higher conversion rate

Custom bundles for different segments

Seamless UX

Delight your subscribers with more choice

Custom bundles of joy

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