The Consumer 5G Impact on Mobile Carriers

5G will allow higher digital consumption

With 5G offering higher speed and bandwidth and low latency, and new mobile devices coming into play, telcos face new opportunities to monetize and add value to connectivity services. But to take advantage of it, they need to innovate and expand their product portfolio.

In the US, 5G service subscriptions witnessed an impressive growth of 1,080.9% in 2020, growing from 1.3 million subscribers in 2019 to 15.8 million subscribers in 2020. By 2024, that number is yet predicted to grow to a whopping 167.9 million in the US alone.

This means ample opportunity for revenue growth for telcos resulting from high-speed data consumption needed for services like live event streaming, gaming, digital advertising, and more. In fact, Ericsson predicts that growth to reach as much as 30% by 2030.

We’ve analyzed these opportunities in detail to see how they will shape carrier revenues in the coming years. Download the PDF to take a look at exact numbers related to:

  • Different types of 5G-enabled digital services and their share in carrier revenue
  • Which 5G bundling-derived digital services are predicted to bring in the highest revenue in the future

The PDF also provides commentary from industry experts working for leading global carriers.

And if you want to learn more about what’s in store for mobile carriers in the coming years, take a look at our latest research-based whitepaper.

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This case study accompanies DOCOMO Digital’s latest research-based whitepaper on how mobile carriers accelerate digital service play.

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