Alternative payments landscape in Turkey

Located at the intersection of Asia and Europe, with a young, smartphone-centric population, Turkey has been growing its digital wallet adoption and digital payment innovation overall. In our latest case study devoted to alternative payments in Turkey, we’re taking a closer look at the country’s current mobile payments landscape.

At this point, by far the most popular payment method in Turkey are credit cards. So much so that the country’s seen as Europe’s largest card payment market, with almost 70% of transactions paid for using payment cards.

But because of the growing adoption rates of smartphones (74% in 2019) and mobile broadband internet connections, this is expected to change pretty soon. According to market watchers, mobile transactions are set to account for 49% of e-commerce transactions by 2021, suggesting an upward trajectory for mobile and wallet-based payments.

Download our case study to get more in-depth insights into:

  • The most popular digital wallets in Turkey, with both native and foreign players
  • Turkish regulations and the part they play in how the digital payments market is shaping
  • The role of social media in the adoption of alternative digital payment solutions

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