Payments Will Power Up Telcos’ Digital Services Revenue

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Both e-commerce and digital payments were already growing before the pandemic. But it was the unfortunate circumstance of COVID-19 placing brick-and-mortar commerce on hold that provided an unexpected boost. We’re looking at how telcos can benefit from digital payments in growing their service portfolio beyond the core connectivity services.

We’re seeing the lines blur between the nature of services offered by telcos, e-commerce leaders, and tech companies. And there are more and more interesting examples in the space internationally. This is possible because of the growth of the digital payments ecosystem, with direct carrier billing and e-wallets integrating the different players to offer consumers unified interfaces.


It’s where innovation happens, with telcos partnering up with DCB providers to go beyond the shortcomings of e-wallets and combine them with other payment methods. All to benefit all sides of the equation:

  • Telcos with new revenue streams
  • Digital service providers with improved conversion and retention rates
  • Consumers with improved user experience and better deals.

 In our latest analysis of how digital payments help telcos grow their revenues, we’re taking a closer look at:

  • The role of direct carrier billing in helping telcos move beyond connectivity
  • Case studies of telcos leading and innovating the digital payments space in India and Turkey
  • What experts think about new revenue opportunities for telcos as the payment industry matures

And if you want to learn more about what’s in store for mobile carriers in the coming years, take a look at our latest research-based whitepaper you can also download it.

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