Telco Subscription Bundling – Creating a Win-Win for Digital Services Brands

with Filippo Giachi, DOCOMO Digital, VP – Asia, Middle East & Africa


DOCOMO Digital

DOCOMO Digital is an innovative payment solution provider and the European-based operation of NTT DOCOMO, Japan's largest mobile operator. The company is headquartered in London, with teams based in over 25 cities worldwide. 
We partner with carriers, merchants, app stores, OTT services and payment providers globally. Our Payments portfolio solves the challenges of scale, customer acquisition, regulation, and complexity for our partners. With teams based across fifteen offices, we enable telecom carriers to grow their digital revenues while improving customer loyalty and lifetime value. For digital brands, our platform and carrier bundling services catalyse acquisition of new subscribers, especially in emerging markets. And Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) like carrier billing and e-wallets offer global merchants’ access to their consumers, with our simple API and international payments’ settlement facilities. 

Going Global Through Localisation and Innovation

As it expands its service into new markets worldwide, DOCOMO Digital will focus on localisation by bringing the most relevant payment methods to merchants in each market. Other aspects of the company's growth strategy include focusing on the youth and emerging markets, while developing innovative and flexible business models for our partner telcos and merchants. 

Building Sustainable, Long-Term Partnerships

DOCOMO Digital has established partnerships with a multitude of carriers, merchants, app stores, OTT services and payment providers across the globe. Through the collaboration, our partners gain access to our robust platform, worldwide coverage and our deep expertise in making mobile commerce frictionless. 

"Leading digital services brands can be demanding when it comes to payment fees.

They're confident about the leverage they have on an end-user's share of mind, and are also aware of the fact that they wield a strategic power in commercial negotiations. However, from the perspective of a telco, this can mean that an agreement can’t be established because the fees demanded are too low. 

Digital services brands need to look beyond payments to perceive the larger picture. They should view telcos as effective channel partners that can provide considerable resources and expertise across different functions. 

For example, brands can leverage a telco's sizable user base and innovative marketing and distribution solutions to improve their customer acquisition. They also gain access to user data and analytics, as well as integrated billing mechanisms to boost customer retention rates. 

And given that every region and country can be vastly different, it is important to have a deep understanding of the local market when it comes to mobile commerce. Through leveraging a telco's global footprint, digital services providers will be better positioned to develop localised strategies for each market segment.  There's so much value that can be created and distributed among stakeholders involved in this partnership.”


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