New Merchant Segments in Digital Services

with Greg Sigel, DOCOMO Digital, VP – Partnerships 


DOCOMO Digital

DOCOMO Digital is an innovative payment solution provider and the European-based operation of NTT DOCOMO, Japan's largest mobile operator. 
We partner with carriers, merchants, app stores, OTT services and payment providers globally. Our Payments portfolio solves the challenges of scale, customer acquisition, regulation, and complexity for our partners. With teams based across fifteen offices, we enable telecom carriers to grow their digital revenues while improving customer loyalty and lifetime value. 
For digital brands, our platform and carrier bundling services catalyse acquisition of new subscribers, especially in emerging markets. And Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) like carrier billing and e-wallets offer global merchants’ access to their consumers, with our simple API and international payments’ settlement facilities. 

5G Will Transform the Mobile Experience

5G connectivity has the power to transform the way mobile networks connect and function. The emergence of 5G networks will offer more reliable connections, lower latencies and increased transfer speeds—up to 20 times faster than 4G. This opens up exciting possibilities for different types of digital content and services that can be delivered over mobile networks. 


5G will bring significant improvements to the mobile gaming experience, enabling the shift towards cloud gaming, cross-platform game services and multiplayer games. The revenue prospects of the cloud gaming market are promising; according to Ovum, cloud gaming is forecast to be the largest contributor to 5G media bundling revenue in 2020.  


With 5G, users will enjoy the benefit of a fast connection and increased reliability, leading to better-quality streaming experiences. This will revolutionise the way we consume media on the go, and change the way we watch live events. Live sports streaming offers a significant opportunity for bundling revenue growth. Ovum predicts that the segment will represent 53.2% of a $4.9 billion 5G telco-OTT bundling revenue opportunity by 2024, rising from 20.5% in 2019.

Cyber Security

The adoption of cyber security solutions is expected to grow, as consumers and businesses face rising threats posed by 5G-enabled networks. To cater to the needs of consumers, collaborations are being established between telcos and security partners to develop products for different consumer segments, including individual consumers, small businesses, as well as enterprises and governments. 

Social Networks

5G Will Allow Social Media To Have More Video and XR capability.  Video gets used more when it works more quickly. 5G has the ‘slicing’ ability, which allows the assignment of priority to an online task. This will allow a ‘slice’ of bandwidth to be applied to a data stream to allow it to take priority over something that needs minimal bandwidth.

Productivity services

5G will offer the power of 490 MBPS browsing speed and 100 MBPS download speed enabling speedier file transfer coupled with much superior UX/ UI with zero latency.

"There are several key segments we see activity in.

There’s the mobile games sector, which has different divisions to it. There are large and small players, as well as different methods of distribution. One of their publishers and distributors are content owners, or even platforms.

Then there’s the streaming segment. That can be videos, music—all types of streaming content. In addition, an exciting space is the productivity segment, where companies sell services like storage, software or connections. 

At a business level, they are expanding quite a bit. They are interested in this model, and are exploring the broader question of: ‘How do we extend into new or existing markets, if these services are not penetrating strongly enough?’ There’s a lot of expansion opportunities in different parts of the world, and telco bundling provides an opportunity for digital brands to expand into new markets and drive new sign-ups.”


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