Gaming industry snapshots by region in 2021

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The gaming industry has been rapidly growing in recent years, both when it comes to the number of users and revenue. Take a look at some stats, predictions, and trends for further growth in the sector globally and across different regions of the world.

The trends contributing to gaming growth have been consistent worldwide

Three of them, in particular, have played the role of pillars for the global rise in the number of gamers and the upsurge in gaming revenue. These have been:

  • Continuous lockdowns since the onset of the pandemic, which encouraged more people to seek sources of entertainment at home. This included people who hadn’t played games on their smartphones before, meaning a boom in demand for simpler, hypercasual games.
  • 5G networks accelerating the adoption of cloud gaming, offering improved gameplay through lower latencies and higher bandwidths. The upgraded networks are also designed to allow gamers to maintain high-speed connections in densely packed spaces and while traveling.
  • Telco partnerships with gaming service providers, with direct carrier billing as a convenient way to pay for both subscriptions and one-off in-game payments charged to the consumer’s monthly phone bill.

Gaming industry growth worldwide to exceed $220B by 2025

Globally, gaming is expected to grow by 9.28% over the next five years. Reaching $220.5B in 2025. When it comes to the share of revenue, the leader within the category is mobile games, taking almost half of the pie. In turn, the smallest percentage of the market goes to browser PC games.

Research studies show mobile game downloads saw far greater annual growth rates in Q2 2020 than any other type of mobile app, including OTT entertainment services, communication and collaboration, and productivity tools. You can read more about it in this article.

China and the US top the list for gaming revenue

The Chinese market is estimated to bring $71.23B in 2025 with a growth rate of 9.63%, while the US is projected to earn $42.4B, with an 8.75% growth rate (checkout how smartphone gamers lead in North America). In both cases, mobile games account for the lion’s share of that revenue, though US gamers are much more keen on download games than their Chinese counterparts.

Other markets are growing too, but with much lower volumes

For example, UK’s gaming market is predicted to grow to $8.6B in 2025, with a growth rate of 8.90%, while South Korea is expected to see very similar numbers – a 9.06% growth rate and $8.7B in revenue by 2025.

In both cases, mobile games account for the most significant portion of revenue as well, with $3.4B in the UK and $4.5B in South Korea, the latter expected to favor download games and gaming networks much less than the UK.

On the other hand, much smaller markets like Turkey are growing at a similar pace, with an 8.37% growth rate for the Turkish market, supposed to reach $885M in revenue.

Download the mobile gaming snapshots for different markets

Though gaming’s been growing globally, and the trends have been consistent, the numbers look quite different for different markets, especially as we look at the digital payment ecosystems.

To learn more about the gaming growth trends and how the accompanying payment ecosystems are shaping both globally and in the individual markets, download our snapshots

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