Managed services offer a faster route to monetization for telcos and merchants

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With growing revenue declines in the core connectivity services, mobile network operators face pressure to play a vital role in the increasingly digital lives of their customers.

The “convergence 2.0” is happening in the categories like fixed-mobile bundles, Pay TV and content, automated home, health and wellness, and digital commerce. Progressive operators invest in creating digital ecosystems with digital and physical goods, loyalty programs, and a wide range of payment options, all presented to consumers through native direct-to-consumer apps and web experiences.


With the surge in consumption of games, music, and video content on mobile, OTT brands are bringing in unprecedented user growth and windfall revenues. Telcos can leverage this trend to drive higher revenue growth and reduce churn by forging payment and bundling partnerships with OTT brands.


And with DOCOMO Digital’s managed services platform, telcos can provision services seamlessly with their existing infrastructure without the need for capital expenditure while realizing faster time-to-market. Learn more about Direct Carrier Billing as a managed service here.

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