How can Asian telcos tap into monetization streams beyond connectivity?

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The proliferation of various OTT platforms, and the resultant increase in demand for data, have forced telcos to reduce the price of data significantly – directly impacting revenues.

The same story has played out across Asia as they have seen a fall in average revenue per user (ARPU). On the one hand, the number of subscribers is increasing, and data consumption has increased more than a hundredfold in just a decade, but on the other, this is not resulting in corresponding revenue growth for carriers. Asian telcos will need to tap into new monetization streams to fight commoditization.

Key questions explored in the guide:

  • How can telco companies in Asia become more agile and adaptive to customer needs? 
  • What are the best examples of new technology services already provided by telcos in Asia?
  • What can traditional telcos learn from innovative players and other industries that have successfully (re)invented themselves and monetized far beyond their traditional services?

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