Accelerate user acquisition with subscription bundling

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Jose has been thinking about subscribing to Disney+ for a few weeks now. It was only last month since they launched their services here and he came across these giant billboards announcing the launch. Jose was delighted to receive an SMS from his mobile carrier offering three-months of free access to Disney+, and he could continue his subscription at a discount and the service will be charged monthly as part of his mobile tariff plan. It took him only a couple of minutes to decide. Jose was now a Disney+ subscriber!


Jose’s story is increasingly becoming familiar. Especially in emerging markets across Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. Access to conventional credit cards is in low single digits in most markets. And yet smartphone penetration is at par or even higher than most developed markets. Consumers in these markets love their video streaming and mobile gaming content as those who do elsewhere.


How can OTT streaming services and games publishers leverage this to drive user adoption without spending the typical marketing budgets? By partnering with mobile carriers and tapping into their subscriber base with payment and bundling partnerships.

Learn more about the latest in subscription bundling and the prevalence of different telco bundling partnerships.

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