Vodafone Australia and DOCOMO Digital Partnership


Improvement in Net Promoter Score


Drop in billing-related customer care calls


Reduction in settlement turnaround


Vodafone takes pride in being the telco with the highest customer satisfaction (Net Promoter Score) ratings in Australia. As leaders, they were keen to leverage the growing mobile commerce ecosystem and began partnering with individual digital merchants. However, they did not have a standardized process for invoicing, settlement and reporting with the merchants. The manual settlement for each individual merchant was time consuming and time intensive. Additionally, these merchant transactions resulted in higher customer care call volumes with many subscribers calling in with billing enquiries.

Our Solution

DOCOMO Digital turnkey was deployed by Vodafone Australia in early 2017. With our platform’s fully automated merchant settlement and reporting features, Vodafone Australia was able to streamline and standardize the merchant settlement process. The settlement report generated by the platform for each individual merchant gave them complete visibility into the transactions volume in real time. The DOCOMO Digital “Self-care Portal” for merchants helped with efficient and quick resolution of any billing discrepancies and disputes.

“DOCOMO Digital have given us the ability to offer our customers the content and services they want, and an easy way to pay for them on their Vodafone bill. DOCOMO Digital have demonstrated they have the structure and skill to help us deliver products quickly and they have enabled us to service all our consumers via innovative customer care tools. Overall, we have found their service to be exceptional, and we look forward to an even closer collaboration with them in the future.”

Vodafone Australia
Product Innovation Manager

The Outcome

With our suite of automated settlement module and merchant self-care portal, Vodafone Australia was able to scale their participation in mobile commerce through carrier billing, without having to invest time and effort in invoicing, settlement and dispute resolution for each of the merchants individually. The merchants were more satisfied with access to our self-care portal, and the ability to resolve any billing disputes quickly. Timely reconciliation also meant that customers had fewer queries regarding their bills when making transactions using direct carrier billing.