Shopify Japan case study


Merchants live on Shopify


Merchants live on Shopify


Shopify wanted to offer consumers in Japan more payment choices and given the popularity of direct carrier billing in physical commerce, Shopify wanted to enable carrier billing in Japan. Additionally, Shopify was keen to bring onboard new small merchants to its platform especially those who do not have ecommerce storefronts.

Our Solution

DOCOMO Digital’s existing integration with all the three telcos in Japan allowed us to deploy carrier billing for Shopify seamlessly. Our robust “Know Your Customer” or KYC API allowed the transactions to be more secure. We partnered with Shopify to organize carrier billing advocacy seminars for their existing merchants, helping them understand the carrier billing value proposition.

The Outcome

While carrier billing is used as a preferred mode of payment in 6% of all transactions in Japan, four times more consumers prefer completing their transactions effortlessly on Shopify using carrier billing as their preferred payment mode. An increasing number of merchants on the Shopify platform now recognize the advantages of offering carrier billing as part of their checkout menu.