Latin America (including the Caribbean) had 442m unique mobile subscribers

October 17, 2019

Latin America (including the Caribbean) had 442m unique mobile subscribers by mid-2018, accounting for two-thirds of the continent’s population. This number is expected to continue growing strongly in the years to come, albeit at different rates across different markets, and the region is forecast to contribute 10% of all new subscribers globally between now and 2025. The significant increase in the number of subscribers will be largely driven by major markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, which have penetration levels close to the regional average.

The proliferation of mobile and internet usage has allowed for various ecosystems such as e-commerce, digital payments, online gaming and other digital media consumption to flourish. The number of mobile internet subscribers in the region reached 323m at the end of 2017, an increase of 47m from 2015. And by 2025, another 130 million people are expected to come online, the majority of them connecting via high-speed mobile broadband networks.

Better connectivity and new services are enabling healthier, more inclusive communities, and mobile money remains a central part of this story. The network effects realised with more inclusive access, coupled with the proliferation of new technologies such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence, open up a new set of opportunities for companies globally. And I hope that an increasing number of companies will come together to partner with the governments and institutions in the region to solve for the challenges around access and infrastructure.

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