Unveiling the potential of direct carrier billing: Interview with Jonathan Kriegel, CEO, DOCOMO Digital

11 March 2021
Unveiling the potential of direct carrier billing

As the popularity of alternative payment methods is on the rise, Jonathan Kriegel, CEO of DOCOMO Digital, talks with The Paypers about the untapped potential of direct carrier billing and how merchants can make the most of it when expanding into the emerging markets.

There are now over a billion mobile money accounts worldwide, contributing to $2.5 trillion, which in turn makes up 37% of the total digital payments value. And digital payments as a whole are only expected to rise, with forecasts predicting $6.6 trillion this year, which is a surge of 40% in two years.

And although alternative payment methods primarily include mobile wallets, direct carrier billing is slowly but surely becoming another compelling alternative for all parties involved: mobile carriers, digital merchants, and their customers.

Read the full interview to learn more about:

  • The exact benefits of DCB for mobile network operators and merchants
  • Where DCB fits in the entire alternative payment method landscape, considering different markets
  • DOCOMO Digital’s role in this landscape and the company’s plans to keep ahead of the competition.

You can read the interview with Jonathan Kriegel here.