DOCOMO Digital Among Top 100 Financial Technology Companies 2021

The Financial Technology Report, July 2021
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As DOCOMO Digital, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made our way to the top 100 fintech companies of 2021 as rated by the Financial Technology Report – the online service for the latest news in the financial technology industry.

The fintech industry keeps evolving

As financial technology advances, it’s transforming not only banking and finances as such but also other industries, including education, transportation, hospitality, and others. That’s why this year’s list of 100 top financial technology companies lists businesses in all kinds of payment-related fields: from healthcare to insurance to payment providers to mortgage solutions and consumer lending. All aiming at innovating the way we approach finances and how we manage them every day, both in consumer and B2B services.

And we’re proud to be one of the players contributing to this advancement through payment technology and expertise in local and global payment methods. At DOCOMO Digital, we’ve been connecting different sides of the payment process by partnering with leading mobile carriers, digital service providers, app stores, and payment providers. All to benefit all the sides of the equation, including the consumer.

How fintech pioneers contribute

The list of Top 100 Financial Technology Companies created by the Financial Technology Report awards pioneers in the space who provide exceptional, highly individualized services, often finding white spaces in the industry. Or, in other words, helping meet the needs of customers that are still unmet, and in this way, innovating and improving their offerings and reaching new audiences.

In the case of DOCOMO Digital, one such audience is the unbanked and underbanked population that can be reached via direct carrier billing and service bundling, which at the same time allows telcos to diversify their revenue and helps digital service providers acquire more loyal customers.

DOCOMO is the largest integrator of carrier billing for the Google Play app store and the Amazon Prime video and music bundles, unlocking growth in digital revenues for over two hundred mobile carriers around the globe with leading-edge payment and subscription bundling solutions.

Making it to the world’s top 100 fintech companies

The key criteria for making it to the list include:

  • product quality
  • customer adoption
  • management team caliber
  • organizational effectiveness
  • company growth
  • and others.

You can view the complete list here, along with the description of the awarded companies and what makes them stand out in the financial technology space.

Here’s to making our way up the list next year

As we continue to solve the challenges of customer acquisition and retention, regulation, and complexity for our partners with alternative payment methods, we’re committed to providing much-needed solutions in the space, further propelling the fintech scene’s growth.

If you’re a mobile carrier or a digital service looking for a trusted partner in digital payments and more, get in touch, and let’s talk.