CEO Hiroyuki Sato explains DOCOMO Digital’s big potential in a Q&A session with Eurocomms

DOCOMO Digital, the m-commerce platform and consulting business of Japan-based telco NTT, launched at last year’s Mobile World Congress. Its Founder and CEO discusses progress so far What are the highs and lows of DOCOMO Digital’s first 12 months?

Hiroyuki Sato: One of the biggest objectives in our first year was to establish the DOCOMO Digital brand, with a particular focus on helping companies understand our capabilities in the mobile payment and customer engagement space.
Through a number of strategic partnerships with mobile operators, merchants and marketplaces, we have made some very positive progress on bringing different areas of our business together to provide unified m-commerce solutions. Our m-commerce solutions are very complex and require the implementation and integration of payment gateways, CRM technology and business intelligence to work. Within the first year we recognised that it was hard for companies to understand how this all works. This has led us to redefine our entry approach for brands, making sure that the first steps on their path to m-commerce success are simple and direct. This year we will be launching a powerful, yet easy-to-understand solution that will revolutionise the sharing economy, providing a perfect gateway to our platform.

What evidence is there that carrier billing, one of your key offerings, is gaining traction with European consumers?

In the past 12 months we have implemented around 20 direct carrier billing integrations between network operators, merchants and marketplaces in Europe and Asia, including partnerships to enable physical goods to be paid via the payment method. While we are still seeing demand from operators and merchants for carrier billing, it is only one of many different ways of paying for goods via mobile. For us, it’s more about ensuring end users have access to safe, easy and convenient methods that are appropriate for the transaction, rather than forcing them to use a specific payment method.


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