Digital payments and service bunding for merchants

Reach more customers in 80+ markets with a single, easy, and secure online payment platform for multiple devices, multiple currencies, and multiple payment methods.

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More payment methods,
more revenue

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Monetise your apps quickly and easily

Make the most of your mobile app’s revenue opportunities by making it easier for users to pay in-app for rewards, level-ups, and extras. Go for a direct carrier billing payment provider integration with multiple mobile carriers all at once and use secure in-app payments with an intuitive checkout flow native to your app. One that does not interrupt the gaming experience, but helps you increase conversions and prevent abandoned transactions.

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Grow your online platform globally

Don’t lose potential customers in local markets just because their local payment methods are not available in your app. With just one integration with DOCOMO Digital, you get access to multiple local and global payment methods. And you get a trusted partner in local payment regulations, automated payment processing, risk management, and settlement. Keeping your business compliant and your payments safe for everyone, especially for your consumers.

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Let Customers Pay The Way They Want Scaled

Let customers pay the way they want

Offering just a credit card payment in your online store is now a thing of the past. Whether you have an e-commerce store, a dating platform or a productivity app, you can offer alternative payment methods preferred by your target audience. With 300+ popular global and local payments, from major credit cards and debit cards to digital wallets and direct carrier billing, you get single payment reconciliation and reliable risk management.

Join merchants  around the world who see a clear revenue boost by offering more payment methods



more conversions



higher average order value



lower cart abandonment rates



more sales

Get all the benefits with one payment platform integration

Easy set-up, one API

With our simple, single API and ready-made plug-ins for popular e-commerce platforms, you can set up your online payments and subscriptions in a matter of hours, following the simple steps.

Multiple payment methods

Accept a full range of currencies and payment methods, including cards, e-wallets and direct carrier billing. All with one platform.

Easy settlements

DOCOMO Digital offers single settlements for local markets, making settlement and payment processing much more efficient.

Robust compliance and risk management

Focus on your core business while we take care of all local payment and legal issues. Get robust risk management support for payment authentication, along with protection from fraud and bad debt.

Familiar, intuitive UX

Offer simple, conversion-optimised checkout flows and minimise dropouts with fewer clicks and fields and faster sign-ups.

Painless monitoring

With DOCOMO, you get one convenient dashboard with a real-time overview of all your transactions and payments, plus quick issue detection including traffic fluctuations and billing deviations.

Expert service support

Get access to global tech support, with a dedicated post-launch team to support business growth and help with regulatory compliance.

Ready to grow?

Get in touch and let’s talk about how DOCOMO Digital can help your store, app, or platform conquer new markets and get more customers.