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Offer direct carrier billing as a managed service

Don’t stop at direct carrier billing for app stores alone. Innovate by offering direct carrier billing as a growth catalyst to digital merchants worldwide.

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Drive additional revenue with carrier billing

The market’s only cloud-native SaaS solution purpose-built for mobile carriers to scale direct carrier billing with ease. It integrates with all major app stores and global OTTs seamlessly and efficiently and comes with individual expert support.

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Get global access to market-leading tools and expert support

The managed services platform integrates with your core infrastructure, serving as an integral part of your digital strategy and making dynamic subscriptions and risk management a breeze. With separate portals for mobile carriers and merchants plus a self-care portal for end-users, the platform makes DCB easier for all parties involved.

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Partner up with leading digital merchants and app stores

Tap into a growing portfolio of app stores and merchants, including game developers, streaming services, e-commerce platforms, productivity apps, and more.

Telco Bundling Benefits

For Digital Brands

Drive new sign-ups

Drive new sign-ups with telcos as real channel partners

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Launch co-marketing campaigns

Launch limited-period offers and co-marketing campaigns with telcos

For Telcos

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Grow revenues

Grow share of digital services revenues beyond traditional voice and data revenues

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Adapt to consumer needs

as they seek compelling content, personalization, flexibility. Increasingly, they value new services—such as video streaming and mobile services—over traditional value-added services

Growth of digital OTT streaming



share of music and video in overall mobile data


monthly mobile data consumption in 2019 (in Exabytes)




OTT market by 2025, growing at 18% CAGR

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See how we helped one of the largest telcos in France grow their digital services

DOCOMO Digital implemented Google carrier billing for Bouygues Telecom, allowing subscribers to buy digital goods and services, including apps, music, books and movies easily, quickly and securely via their mobile phone bill.

“We needed to modernize our solution to simplify exposure of our carrier APIs. We selected DOCOMO Digital’s system which allowed us to bring in new mass-market merchants in a standard and industrial way thanks to the APIs it exposed to merchants. DCB helps us offer compelling digital services to customers, such as gaming, and to grow revenue and improve margins. We believe they are the right partners in our endeavor to become more agile and develop additional carrier billing services over the long term.”

Lassy Chester, Head of Carrier Billing, Bouygues Telecom
Faster Integrations
Faster Integrations

Lean on our experience in Bundling

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Higher conversion rate

Custom bundles for different segments

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Seamless UX

Delight your subscribers with more choice

Offer direct carrier billing as a managed service with ease

A modular, customizable approach for easy management

Manage merchant and app store onboarding, customer subscriptions and purchase flows, fraud, bad debt, and more. Add new service requests easily and manage subscriptions and bundling from a single platform.

Lower acquisition costs

Minimize costs and improve time-to-market by onboarding merchants within hours and not days or months without allocating internal resources.

Regulatory compliance

Meet all compliance, regulatory and legal requirements globally with no extra effort on your part – DOCOMO Digital will take care of all that for you.

Improved customer experience

Reduce customer care calls by enabling transparent billing history and a leading-edge self-care module. Control transactions in real-time based on dynamic user profiling powered by artificial intelligence.

In-depth analytics

Analyse KPIs that are important to your business and get in-depth insights, including the impact of dynamic spending caps on customer lifecycles.

Some of the carriers brands that trust us

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our expertise and capabilities.

We offer a robust and scalable platform, over 15 years’ experience in the mobile commerce ecosystem and access to a network of global partners. We focus on building long-term and sustainable partnerships, and provide customized support for our partners.

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