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About the Event

DOCOMO Digital partnered with Mobile World Live and GSMA in Aug’20 for a series of conversations around the theme – “Unlocking the carrier digital services opportunity”. Working in conjunction with the GSMA’s analyst arm, GSMA Intelligence, issues around digital services for carrier were discussed and debated in the form of webinars, live panels and interviews with key stakeholders. According to Juniper Research’s latest report, Direct Carrier Billing transaction volumes will touch $100 billion by 2024, with accelerated adoption of mobile commerce in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are proud to bring you some of this exciting content exploring how direct carrier billing (DCB) gives mobile operators a platform not only to quickly link with digital services providers to sync their operations to gain economies of scale, but also to introduce new services to offset declines in traditional revenue streams. By offering rich content, streaming and gaming services, operators can drive increased subscriber engagement and retention, in both pre and post-paid segments while creating differentiated bundled offers to attract and acquire new users.


A conversation with Jonathan Kriegel, CEO

In this video conversation, Jonathan Kriegel, CEO of DOCOMO Digital, talks about the macrotrends in the carrier digital services market today:

  • Opportunities and challenges for mobile operators moving into the lifestyle digital services market like video and music streaming or gaming, making it easier and safer for customers to purchase digital goods via carrier billing, while creating new revenue streams
  • Opportunities for merchants resulting from growing app store transaction volumes, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, seen as a persistent trend
  • How both sides can benefit from working with a managed service provider like DOCOMO DigitalDirect carrier billing as part of a broader ecosystem connecting network operators, merchants, and consumers worldwide, driven mostly by online goods, and expanding into areas like transportation, ticketing, and in-store purchases

A conversation with Greg Sigel, VP – Partnerships

In this video conversation, Jonathan Kriegel, CEO of DOCOMO Digital, talks about the macrotrends in the carrier digital services market today:

  • Growth and revenue, including growth in unbanked or underbanked markets
  • Finding the right fit with their customer base and driving acquisition with carrier co-marketing efforts
  • A seamless user experience to improve conversion rates
  • Compliance with local regulations, taxation, reconciliation, and settlements
  • Lower deployment cost and shorter time-to-market
  • Deeper carrier relationships and innovative business models, including concierge payment models provided by managed services like DOCOMO Digital

On-demand Webinar

This on-demand GSMA webinar talks about how direct billing connects mobile operators with digital service providers and helps them introduce new services to complement traditional revenue streams.

Speakers including DOCOMO Digital CTO -and Group API Director at the Zain Group discuss getting more value from direct carrier billing both from the consumer’s and mobile operator’s perspective. They talk about:

  • The global carrier digital services market opportunity
  • What DCB means for mobile operators and how they can maximise value from digital services with service delivery platforms
  • How carriers can connect with merchants and digital goods using APIs to onboard and scale quickly while driving engagement and retention
  • How a managed service provider payment platform can help

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