Global Direct Carrier Billing Summit 2020


About the Event

Global Carrier Billing Summit is the flagship industry event held annually over two days. This year, DOCOMO Digital were Platinum sponsors at this event. And we worked closely with event organisers to curate a compelling agenda to engage with the participating carriers and merchants to discuss how could the industry come together to make carrier billing manifest its potential as a viable alternative payment method.


A conversation with Jonathan Kriegel, CEO

We are please to bring you a recording of the opening keynote by our CEO, Jonathan Kriegel. In this keynote, Jonathan unpacks the strategic imperatives for carriers to increasingly embrace direct carrier billing to grow alternative revenue streams in the wake of commoditization of the traditional ones. Jonathan then takes a deeper dive into some of the best practices as also makes a case for the industry to come together and work with regulators to make direct carrier billing feasible for physical goods.

Here is an excerpt of this talk, “Raising awareness of carrier billing is still a work in progress. I am regularly surprised by the number of global merchants who are not yet aware of the benefits of carrier billing, plenty still to be done there.

As we look at increased interest in subscriptions and bundling, especially streaming video and music content providers, there are ample opportunities for co-marketing. As I mentioned earlier, the highest performing operator and merchant partnerships we see are the ones in which we see both sides are investing in making customers aware of carrier billing as an option. Those customers yield great returns relative to other payment methods: much higher completion rates, great engagement, multiple purchases repeat transactions.”

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