Customer Complaint Management

1.    Objective

The following principles are guidelines according to which Docomo Digital Payments AG handles customer complaints.

2.   Handling of Customer Complaints

Please contact your contact person at Docomo Digital Payment Services AG. If you wish to contact an independent person, please use the form and describe your complaint in detail. The form will then be sent to the department in charge to handle customer complaints.

[email protected]

Please note that we only address issues which are sent by the contract partner known to us. You can also entitle another person by power of attorney (see eForm). Please note that we will need a power of attorney signed by the contract partner and a verified copy of the authorized person by mail to the following address:

Docomo Digital Payment Services AG

Industriering 3

9491 Ruggell

Fürstentum Liechtenstein

Addressing any complaints is a top priority. We will do our best to answer your complaint within ten working days after receipt of the complaint. We will inform you beforehand if for whatever reason we are not able to reply within ten working days. Please note that the department for customer complaints will not handle any complaints where

-       the contract parties are in a pending trial;

-       an adjudication is present;

-       the parties to the contract came to a settlement in and out of court.

Should we not be able to address your complaint, you can contact by phone or in writing the Conciliation Board of Liechtenstein via the following address. This service is at no charge.

Liechtensteinische Schlichtungsstelle

Dr. Peter Wolff, Rechtsanwalt

Mitteldorf 1

Postfach 3439490 Vaduz

Fürstentum Liechtenstein

Telefon: +423 238 10 30

Fax: +423 238 10 31

eMail: [email protected]


Note: If Power of Attorney required please print the form and send it to:

Docomo Digital Payments AG

Industriering 3

9491 Ruggell

Principality of Liechtenstein

Power of Attorney (if you empower another individual not known to us)

I/we entitle _____________________________________ to address Docomo Digital Payments Solutions AG directly. It is up to his/her discretion to receive letters and other documents from Docomo Digital Payment Solutions AG. According to article 17 Data Protection Act I agree that relevant data will be dealt with and transferred between Docomo Digital Payment Solutions AG and _________________________________. I hereby release Docomo Digital Payments Solutions AG from its banking secrecy obligations as far as Docomo Digital Payments Solutions AG deals with the above mentioned complaint.

______________________________                                      ___________________________________

Place / Date                                                                      Personal Signature/Company Signature

(Please attach a verified copy of the empowered individual)