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What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Direct carrier billing (DCB) is an online mobile payment method that enables consumers to purchase goods, products, services and content. It works across mobile devices—including smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs—and is accessible to any user with a subscription or prepaid account with a mobile operator.

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How does DCB work?

An easy, fast and secure way to make payment, with direct carrier billing, consumers complete their purchase through a 1-step registration and purchase process. Only a 4-digit PIN code is required, so there’s no need to add personal details for every transaction or fill out lengthy forms.

Direct Carrier Billing Advantages

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Greater security of payments

Users do not need to provide sensitive data, such as credit card numbers or CVC codes.

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A frictionless user experience

Do away with account registrations and tedious processes—the user’s mobile phone number is automatically identified, so no additional customer authentication is required.

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Higher conversion rates

A simpler checkout flow drives higher conversion rates. Compared to credit card and PayPal payments, DCB increases conversion rates by up to 3x (Europe) and 5x (Asia).

Greater financial inclusion

DCB provides a bigger payment coverage compared to traditional payment methods like credit cards. This is key for businesses looking to expand into emerging markets, where a large proportion of the population remain unbanked.

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Built For Telcos

We help telcos maximize revenue from mobile payment opportunities. Tap into new revenue opportunities to compensate for the erosion of legacy revenue streams and drive higher conversion rates and ARPU.

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Made for Merchants

We provide direct carrier billing to a growing portfolio of merchants, including game developers, streaming services, app stores, e-commerce platforms and more. Reach more potential customers, trigger impulse buys and boost conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty in a competitive landscape.

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Direct Carrier Billing Can Help You Scale

DCB is not only convenient for consumers. This innovative payment method benefits both mobile network operators and digital service providers, helping them sync their operations via a digital payments provider. Download this whitepaper to learn more about how the DCB ecosystem works and how it enables hassle-free scale by reaching emerging markets and the underbanked population.


Pre-integrated with all major OTTs and App Stores


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See how a European Carrier was able to unlock growth with Advanced Analytics

Our platform’s advanced analytics and reporting tools, both for the carrier and for merchants allow real-time visibility of transactions, revenue, subscriptions and growth.

“DOCOMO Digital helped us to dramatically grow, in a business that we thought was maturing and saturated. Their support goes beyond tools and platform: they bring global expertise and real business advisory and make business transformation happens.”

Head of Digital , large European carrier

Quick Onboarding
Quick Onboarding

Onboard merchants within hours, not weeks with no capexs

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Sophisticated features designed to help you scale your carrier billing revenue

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With our modular approach, the platform can be deployed to suit your needs

Enable carrier billing now

CX customised to OTT or Merchant

We offer both standardised service provisioning and customised merchant integrations, which address both your policies and merchant guidelines around the CX for your subscribers.

State-of-the-art Analytics

A frequently cited challenge with carrier billing is the lack of visibility of transaction volumes, revenues for every merchant, by subscriber. Our platform solves for this with an exhaustive array of advanced analytics and customizable dashboards designed to put you back in control of your carrier billing revenue

Preventing fraudulent transactions

Our “Purchase Flow Builder” feature is designed for telcos to be able to standardize the transaction flow. It comes with built-in anti-fraud triggers with your approval required for service activation. You can also monitor this feature to measure success and improve the conversion rate.

Consumer Self-care Portal

Proven reduction in customer care calls over billing issues as our portal gives your subscribers control over their transactions and subscriptions, with an ability to unsubscribe, request refunds, activate or deactivate services from within the portal without necessitating a call to your customer helpline.

Why leading telcos worldwide partner with DOCOMO Digital

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our expertise and capabilities.

We offer a robust and scalable platform, over 15 years’ experience in the mobile commerce ecosystem and access to a network of global partners. We focus on building long-term and sustainable partnerships, and provide customized support for our partners.

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