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Accelerate Revenue

AI-led Microloans powered by direct carrier billing

Designed for a seamless end-user experience, Airtime Advance solution enables instantaneous top-ups for transactions in App stores which would have otherwise been rejected due to an insufficient balance. We undertake robust risk analyses leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning.

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Leverages machine learning

We leverage sophisticated data science and machine learning to support telcos get smarter about the financial profiles of different consumer segments.

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Seamless UX

Airtime Advance is a purpose-built for seamless UX, especially for prepaid subscribers who may be dissatisfied with transactions failing due to insufficient balances. The entire customer journey is managed over SMS, with no disruption to the existing transaction flow on app stores. For all other merchants, this facility is offered directly within the application.

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Tap new revenue



times the average revenue from prepaid subscribers not availing carrier billing



more top-ups by users using carrier billing to buy digital services



less likely to churn than users not using carrier billing


See how we can help you drive revenue growth in the prepaid segment

AI-led Microlending is designed to take the frustration of failed transactions away from your subscribers, especially prepaid ones in emerging markets who are looking to consumer digital content but aren’t able on account of insufficient balance.

“Thanks to our partnership with DOCOMO Digital, we will enhance our billing performance, and at the same time slash Bad Debt. This increase in profitability will help us dedicate more resources to pursue other avenues of growth”

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Increased ARPU

Your subscribers consume more digital content with the freedom of Airtime Advance

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Realize Savings

Your subscribers stay with you, lower churn rates!

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Overall transaction volumes with carrier billing improve

Accelerate your revenue now

Quick plug-in

Airtime Advance is simple to deploy, and integrates with your existing billing infastructure seamlessly and quickly

Simple reconciliation

We manage the entire charge approval and reconciliation process with the digital Appstores and merchants, so that you can focus on growth

Robust risk management

We deploy state-of-the-art risk practises validating each top-up using AI and sophisticated behavioral analyses to authenticate each transaction

Improved stickiness

Your subscribers will love the freedom to not be limited by insufficient balance and the flexibility, powered by Airtime Advance

We work with leading telcos globally

We partner with most of the leading telcos around the world, enabling carrier billing and Appstore bundling, to help them stem decline in revenues from the traditional voice and data businesses

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