Plug revenue leakage
Billing Risk Manager

DOCOMO Digital’s “Billing Risk Manager” makes risk management for telecom companies more robust. Beyond detection, telcos can prevent bad debt in digital content transactions with our unique “Adaptive Spend-limit Manager” for their subscribers.

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Powered by AI

Control risk levels for millions of Carrier Billing transactions in real-time, and measure the impact with live simulations powered by our leading-edge machine learning algorithms. Adjust your user policies to plug bad debt, not revenue!

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Self-improving design

The simulator model continually learns and adjusts bad debt thresholds based on transactions data and carrier policies, providing you with analyses you need to control bad debt instances.

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Average bad debt in carrier billing as high as 4.5%


Bad debt almost halved to 2.45%

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Revenue growth upon deploying the Simulator

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Realized in savings in the first year

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See how Billing Risk Manager can help you grow revenues

Reducing bad debt in carrier billing to <1% will allow more telcos to become true financial intermediaries, offering carrier billing for physical retail as is the case in Japan - world's leading carrier billing market

"Deploying DOCOMO Digital's Billing Risk Manager helped us gain visibility of our bad debt for the first time, reducing it by 63%. Furthermore, we were able to leverage the intuitive algorithm to adjust our user policies frequently."

Vice President, Payments at a large Spanish Telco

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by sophisticated machine learning algorithm to manage risk

Realize savings

Bad debt if not addressed could wipe out more than 80% of their share of revenue

Real-time Simulation

Monitor millions of carrier billing transactions in real time!

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